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Looking after and taking care of our children, doesn’t start outside of your community, but starts within your own community‐ which is what we at FDA  have done. Getting in touch with our conscience as members of the community has made us realize that we all have a role to play‐ not only within our  own businesses and homes or sphere, but also outside. Reaching out a hand to one child doesn’t take away anything from you as a person or as an  entity. One of our Directors, namely Peter Fellows is a pro‐active trustee and treasurer of the ‘NATIONAL CHILD & VIOLENCE TRUST (NCVT).’ 
NCVT is a non‐ profit organisation based in Fourways, looking after violated, abused, poverty stricken children grappling with inequality,  unemployment and HIV/AIDS. The organisation ensures the well‐being of the children’s physical, mental and especially emotional support. As the  trustees, we have and still are involved in providing psychosocial services through counselling, education, training and providing information on  children’s rights and responsibilities to equip children, women, and families for the survival of their well‐being 
SOWETO EQUESTRIAN FOUNDATION In Soweto, we have recognized the ‘S0WETO EQUESTRIAN FOUNDATION’ which is a foundation that has taken an initiative to open the elite  world of equestrian sports to people who never thought they would have such an opportunity, training them (including the disabled) to acquire skills  in the equestrian world and to improve the welfare of the cart of horses in Soweto‐ which is where we at FDA come in, we have donated our  thoroughbred horse ‘France Sweli Missy’ to the Equestrian Centre and donate monthly to the home. 
Social Investment
“Building New Horizons”
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Corporate Social Investment
‘AKANI‐ Every child can’ home is based in Diepsloot looking after under‐ privileged children, of which their vision is to nurture the children  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but most of all to empower them with knowledge. We have realized it is not about where you  come from, but about where you are going, which is why we have become donors‐ to assist and contribute to these children’s education in  after‐care and primary school.